Welcome to Hiltonia Preschool

Our Ethos

I believe that children have an innate drive to learn and that the adult role is that of facilitator. In a small setting such as ours, it is truly possible to follow the unique child and use their interest to move their development forward.
We do ‘In The Moment Planning’ where topics, activities and learning intentions are not decided on in advance and on behalf of the child. Instead, we keep the Early Years Foundation Framework (EYFS) in mind and create an environment where learning is inevitable.  We allow the child to choose an experience they wish to learn from, and use that interest to introduce challenge and new concepts.
We provide resources and learning provocations, but it is up to each child to find out what they are drawn to and what they need to learn from that activity / resource.
Allowing children to learn when they are ready leads to deep, embedded learning that provides a firm foundation to becoming a lifelong learner.

Sessions and Fees

Hiltonia Preschool is open 38 weeks of the year, following the Hertfordshire school terms.

Sessions are charged at £6 per hour, which includes lunch if your child is here for a full day.

We offer 15 hours Free Early Education for 3-4 year olds, 15 hours for eligible 2 year olds (Terrific Twos) and 30 hours Free Childcare for eligible 3-4 year olds. Funded children need to bring a packed lunch. To cover the costs of snacks, visits, consumables etc. there is a charge of £3  per morning session or £5 for children staying all day.

The BEST choice for your precious little one.

Working with Parents

From our first contact, I hope you will feel welcome and able to discuss anything with me. We are working together for the benefit of your precious child, and good communication is key. Drop-off and pick-up times are useful for sharing bits of information, so feel free to have a quick chat with me at the door. If you have any bigger concerns, please let me know so we can make time for a longer discussion. You can also email me at debbie@hiltoniapreschool.co.uk  or use the contact form on the website.


I will keep you informed of your child’s well-being and daily activities through Whats App and verbal feedback. We will record their learning in a Online Learning Journal called Tapestry. Tapestry allows you to see photos, videos and observations of what your child has been doing wherever you have access to the internet. You can also leave your own comments to add to the journal.

I will ask you to come in once a term so we can discuss your child’s development and next steps.

If anything significant is happening in your child’s life like a holiday, new sibling, moving house or getting a swimming certificate, please share!